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Valerie's Story

I fell in love with the United States when I moved from France to New York City as a student at the age of 24. After landing a public relations job there, I fell in love with John and married him. Finally, I fell in love with Winston-Salem when we moved here in 2003–and then proudly became an American citizen in 2006.


Over two decades later, my husband John and I still live in the same house, the parents of three amazing children, two in college here in North Carolina and one still in high school. Our kids attended–and still attend–WS/FC schools, including The Downtown School, Reynolds High School, and Atkins High School.


As an entrepreneur, I've been running my own successful business since founding Zoë b Organic (named for our oldest child) in 2005. Today my company imports dog toys and baby pacifiers made with natural rubber from Spain, Italy, and Mexico. 


Over the years, I've been increasingly involved in our local community. I'm proud to have served as board president of Piedmont Environmental Alliance (PEA) for two years and, more recently, as PTA president for The Downtown School for three years. In 2023, I helped found Community for Public Schools, a non-partisan group of parents, educators, and other community members who are passionate about supporting WS/FCS. Our group organized a rally in June 2023 to ask the County Commissioners for more funding for our public schools. We organized a teacher lounge makeover at Carter High School and have been bringing lunch and breakfast to three deserving schools (Carter, Philo Hill Middle, and Easton Elementary) for the 2023/24 school year.

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