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  • Invest in our school buildings to bring them up to 21st-century standards. As the 4th largest school system in the state, we’re lagging behind in terms of investing in our children.

  • Push for a school bond on the ballot in 2026, instead of the current 2028 schedule. Costs will only continue to go up, and we have facilities that need critical funding now–not in 4 years, or beyond. (We can’t afford to wait.).


  • Our own County Medical Director, Joey Hundley, has concerns about the level of care provided through our Emergency Services. We have less-experienced and fewer paramedics–we currently have 52 vacancies for paramedics, with a vacancy rate that’s risen steadily over the last 3 years. This leaves us vulnerable in the event of a major emergency.

  • We need to work on preventing gun violence in Forsyth County by implementing community led public safety strategies. 


  • Schedule County Commissioner meetings later in the day, after work–instead of at 2 p.m.–ensuring that meetings are accessible to a wider range of residents and stakeholders.


  • Hold County Commissioner town halls more regularly to meet with constituents and do a better job of communicating with the public. (The median age in Forsyth County is just over 37, so better, more relevant social media is essential.)

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